Collaborative Risk Management Application

All you need to manage your operational risks,
and empower managers or teams to mitigate their risks

Managers and their operational teams hold the knowledge to mitigate risks efficiently and find the best solutions.
In addition, 80% of accidents and incidents are due to human error.
Empowering your managers and teams in managing the risks that affect them, becomes essential to really reduce your risks quickly and constantly, whatever the changes in your company.

Risk Management Application

Risk map, risk assessment, dashboard, ...

Idea management

Crowdsource Ideas ; Rank the best ideas ; Engage ; link to objectives, issue, risks, ...

Process & global repository

List, interconnect & describe all elements of the organization: process, application, machine, data, methods, ...

Collective intelligence module

Collectively propose solution, brainstorm, evaluate, discuss, vote, ...

Digitized mitigation process

All steps of the mitigation process are explained & digitized with collaborative interface


One discussion thread per risk, solution and organisational element

Incentive & gamification

Highlight good results & best teams ; link participation with bonuses, prizes and awards

Task & Project management

Link, manage and track tasks & projects to implement solutions with an integrated dedicated application


Clear risk map and solutions implemented or ongoing

Shared vision on risks

Clear division of responsibilities

Less meetings & training on risk mitigation

Possibility to link risk with objectives, incident, KPI, organizational element, tasks, projects

Involvement of the actors

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