Shared corporate memory & Search time reduction


Your company holds thousands of files and a lot of information in your collaborators' brains that is not shared.

Relationships between all elements are not specified (products & services, process, application, data, methods, etc) . When an employee leave the company, all his knowledge about your organization leaves the company and is lost.

Solution description:

Retrieve, list, describe and share all the elements of your organization and the associated responsibilities: Products and services, modules, processes, applications, equipment and machinery, documents, data, methods, regulations, offices,...


  • Reduce the time spent on searching for information during your improvement or transformation projects (in transformation projects, the search time takes 30% of the project time and considerably slows down improvements and transformations),
  • Clarifies responsibilities,
  • Increase the speed of value creation and transformation (agility) by 20%,
  • Provide everyone with the information they need about your organization,
  • Reduce the time it takes for new employees to know the organization and become efficient,
  • Increase the autonomy of your employees,
  • Increases the motivation of your employees (without this information, the impression of wasting time usually reduce their engagement and motivation)
  • Increase the value of your intangible capital, 
  • Connects tasks with the elements that are changed, and saves all the changes for each element. 


  • Interconnected lists of all elements of your organization, 
  • Relationship tables between elements, 
  • Ability to send tasks to knowledge workers to clarify relationships on these tables. It will centralize all the information that is dispersed in the brains of all employees and create this shared corporate memory accessible to all,
  • Chat related to each element,
  • Document management associated with the elements,
  • wiki for the description of each elements,
  • Note,
  • Internet links to external sites. 

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